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11 Step Guide to Budgeting for your Renovation

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Marino General Contractors

  • October 24, 2017
  • Posted by: Justine Nadia

Planning a heritage renovation? Look to award-winning renovator Marino General Contractors for quality, experience and assurance. 

My House Design/Build/Team

  • Posted by: Justine Nadia

When in search for a reliable contractor, look no further than award-winning renovator & builder My House Design/Build/Team. Serving Vancouver, North Shore, and Surrey, this custom home builder has plenty of renovation tips to share with you.

Sprucehill Contracting

  • Posted by: Justine Nadia

Searching for a reliable contractor? Look to award-winning renovator Sprucehill Contracting for quality and assurance. Based in North Vancouver, Sprucehill Contracting has an impressive track-record for custom home building

Maison D’etre

  • Posted by: Justine Nadia

Planning a condo or townhome renovation? Look to award-winning renovator Maison D’etre for quality, experience and reliability.

Get It in Writing

  • Posted by: Dawn Sondergaard

A home renovation is both a financial and emotional investment. We have heard hundreds of renovations stories, most of the tales end with happy homeowners, but that is not always the case. A renovation can go sideways when homeowners try to save money by cutting corners – by agreeing to a cash deal. Without a…


  • October 24, 2016
  • Posted by: Amanda Camara

Compared to conventional financial investments that rise and fall with regular frequency, housing has proven to be a relatively stable and sound investment that keeps up with inflation in most years and outpaces it in others. Although few of us purchase a home strictly for its investment value, in practical terms it represents an asset…