New Builder Licensing to be Administered by the Homeowner Protection Office

A new system of Minimum Qualifications for Licensed Residential Builders in British Columbia will be administered by the Homeowner Protection Office, a branch of BC Housing.
The proposal is based on work done in partnership with the industry since 2005 to enhance professionalism in the residential construction sector in British Columbia by introducing education and training qualifications as a condition of residential builder licensing.
All existing licensed builders will be grandfathered and exempted from meeting the Minimum Qualifications. Like many other professions, a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program will be introduced for all new and existing licensed residential builders of single family, duplex, and structures containing less than five dwelling units.
The administration of the Minimum Qualifications process by the Homeowner Protection Office will be a complement to the existing licensing system and will result in no additional licensing fees to residential builders.
Proposed changes to the Homeowner Protection Act regulations are needed to enable these new requirements. The enhanced system is expected to be phased in beginning sometime in 2014.
HPO worked closely with the sector to develop the new system of minimum qualifications and will continue to work with the building industry to implement the new system to ensure it is fair and accessible to all builders across the province. 
The HPO will establish an advisory council to be chaired by a representative of the home building industry. The council will operate as a standing committee of BC Housing’s Industry and Consumer Advisory Council (ICAC) which was established under the Homeowner Protection Act. Industry representatives bring their collective expertise to ICAC which assists in identifying new and emerging issues and opportunities in the residential construction industry and consumer protection.