Builders’ Breakfast Series: Building Acoustics – Avoiding Complaints and Meeting/Exceeding Building Code Requirements

Event date: September 27, 2018
Showtime: 7:30am - 9:30am
Location: Trev Deeley (1875 Boundary Road Vancouver)
2.0 CPD credits

Single and Multi-Family Acoustics – Avoiding complaints and meeting/exceeding building code requirements

Course overview: This presentation defines building code requirements and outlines acoustic principles in addition to discussing efficient means of acoustic insulation using multiple floor/ceiling assemblies for single and multi-family buildings. Noise transmission problems come mainly from the floor/ceiling assemblies  and through the party walls. The noise problems associated with these assemblies come mainly from the transmission of airborne or impact noises. These are all noises that, when the unit is poorly soundproofed, disrupt the comfort of occupants.  Many residential units face noise problems that could easily have been avoided if more attention had been paid to building acoustics during the design and construction process. Acoustics is complex and using the right solution at the right place is the key to achieving required acoustic efficiency
Key learning components:

  • Basic acoustic principles and definitions
  • Impact and airborne sounds in sinlge and multi-family buildings
  • Means of soundproofing sinlge and multi-family buildings
  • The do’s and don’ts for acoustics in buildings (through case studies and examples).

Learning objectives (key take aways):
1.       Define general acoustics principles
2.       Demystify sound propagation of noise in different materials
3.       Demystify sound insulation of floor/ceiling assemblies
4.       Recognize the proper acoustic solution

Who Should Attend

Single and multi-family builders, custom home builders, renovators. This presentation will benefit any building and design professionals such as architects, designers, acoustic engineers, builders/developers and general contractors.

Event Agenda

7:00am – 7:30am Registration and hot breakfast

7:30am – 9:30am Course, including Q&A


  • André Rioux, VP, Sales & Development, AcoustiTECH a division of FINITEC GROUP, St. Lambert‐de‐Lauzon, QC

    Since the creation of AcoustiTECH in 2000, Andre has been traveling all over Canada, the United States and the UAE to make presentations to groups of architects, project managers, general contractors, flooring contractors and more. Andre’s experience combined with the expertise of his team has resulted in AcoustiTECH being the number one reference in the field of acoustics for new and existing buildings. After over 15 years, Andre continues to enjoy meeting with professionals and collaborating in the success of their projects.