Government Relations

GVHBA, through its Director of Government Relations, works with metro Vancouver local governments on important public policy issues, including pending and existing regulations which impact the home building industry. Non-partisan policy analysis and strategic consultation is provided in a collaborative approach in order to efficiently deliver to market the required supply of homes to support Metro Vancouver’s 21 municipalities. Working with GVHBA members and industry stakeholders, to build and maintain positive relations with municipal, regional and provincial governments, GVHBA is the respected voice of Metro Vancouver’s residential construction industry.

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Municipal Update


The Housing Approvals Study (HAS), the third report in this series examines the building approval process in an effort to reduce unnecessary time and costs for the delivery of an efficient supply of affordable housing across Metro Vancouver.

View the Current Housing Approvals Study (HAS) Report here.

View the Getting To Groundbreaking Year 1 Report here.
View the Getting to Groundbreaking Year 2 Report here.


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